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Ice Tea

This is a simple and cheap way to get your caffine if you're like me and you hate coffee XD It also makes tap water a bit more palatable.

Full disclosure: I bought a box of 100 tea bags at a grocery store in my area for about $4-5, and eight tea bags makes a gallon of tea. So, that's about 40 cents a gallon, assuming you aren't buying a more expensive brand (mine was from Lipton; it wasn't the cheapest in the store but it wasn't the most expensive either.)

Now, the key here is: don't boil the whole gallon of water. You're never gonna be able to pour all of that into a jug without hurting yourself, and it'll also take ages to cool down.

Instead, boil about a third of the liquid. Turn the heat off when it reaches boiling, stick all eight tea bags in, and then brew for 3-5 minutes. Carefully fish out the tea bags with a spoon and throw them away. Pour the rest into your gallon jug of choice (I don't reccomend plastic tbh), and pour cold water in until the jug is full. Give it a stir and pop it in the fridge for about an hour.

Feel free to add a little sugar or lemon juice to suit your preferences, and you're done!

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This is always how I've made it too and it turns out perfect

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NGL this is how I make tea. I don't use the little single serving bags. Most places sell larger ones, I've found. How many tea bags you like is one of those "do as you please" things. Everyones gotta do the trial and error to find out what's the best for them. I use two of the bigger bags of whatever black tea the supermarket has. Do try different brands. I swore by Lipton for the longest time. Turns out the store brand isn't bad, I just hate Red Diamond and Luzianne. If you're wanting to be super fancy, loose leaf is always the way to go, but for quick, bulk sweet tea, its not necessary (and you'll need extra tools to boot).

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